Visitors and Support

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This is short list of some of the people that have visited the herbarium or have been as-sisted by it.

  • Archer, Robert. Collecting and help with Celastraceae.
  • Boyd, Wane (TPA Nature conservation). Plant surveys.
  • Bridson, Diane (Kew). Matters pertaining to the family Rubiaceae.
  • Bruyns, Pieter. Collecting of Stapeliades.
  • Burgoyne, Pricilla. Collecting.
  • Charles, R. Peters, (Anthropology USA). Visit.
  • Crouch, Neil. Collecting.
  • CSIR, Forestec. Plant surveys.
  • Dehning, Bob (Tree Society). Visit.
  • Dendrological Society. Outings and specialist information.
  • Edwards, Trevor. Collecting.
  • Fish, Warren (Schoemansdal, Archaeologist). Plant surveys on early Iron Age sites and help with pytogeography.
  • Geldenhuis, Coert. CSIR, plant surveys.
  • Jaco Greeff. Fig trees and the wasps that inhabit their figs
  • Hardy, David. Collecting
  • Hankey, Andrew. Collecting
  • Hartmann, Heidrum (Germany). Collecting and help on finding localities of Mesembryanthemaceae.
  • Hartzer, Pascal. Collection and help on Mesembryanthemacea.
  • Hearn, David J. Collecting of Adenia
  • Huting, Jerome. The Venerable Trees of the Earth
  • Jackson, Seu. Help on study of Faurea sp. flower visitors and nectar production.
  • Leach, Larry. Help with Euphorbias in the Soutpansberg.
  • Mabogo, Edward. Visit.
  • Maguire, Judy. Visit.
  • Miller, Sidney (Archaeologist, Thulamela). Plant surveys on archaeological sites.
  • NBI, Pretoria Staff. General Plant collecting.
  • Retief, Elizabeth. Help on revising the genus Rhoicissus.
  • SAFCOL. Plant information.
  • Schoemansdal Museum. Plant Information.
  • Soutpansberg Rock Art Conservation Working Group. Assistance in plant identification and compiling of taxon lists for individual rock art sits.
  • Swart, Pricilla. Collecting of plants for National Botanical gardens Pretoria.
  • Tshikondeni Mine. The compiling of an identification guide on their rare and endangered flora.
  • Tree society. Plant information and identification.
  • van der Kooy, Frank. ESCOM, plant surveys.
  • van Jaarsveld, Ernst. Collecting
  • van Wyk, Braam. General collecting for their herbarium and specific collecting concerning problem groups.
  • Van Wyk, Piet. Collecting and photographing trees.
  • Venda, University of -, Biology Students. Ecology and Ethnobotany
  • Venter, Fanie. Collecting.
  • Vogel, John. CSIR. Dendrocronology on Androstachys johnsonii.
  • Weisser, Pablo. General information and ecological surveys.
  • Western Soutpansberg Conservation Working Group. Information.
  • Winter, Pieter. Collecting.
  • Williams, Vivienne. Collecting of Ethnobotanical material


Other than my personal studies as already mentioned the herbarium has been used for numerous protects. Some of the more noteworthy projects are as follows.

The proclamation of Natural heritage sites and the identification of areas of Natural impor-tance are a regular concern of mine whereby the use of the herbarium is invaluable. At present, various landowners are trying to proclaim the western Soutpansberg as a con-servancy.

ESCOM hired me to do a plant survey along their servitude running parallel to an existing 132 kV power line running from Louis Trichardt to Messina. The old power line needed upgrading, for which the second servitude would be utilised for the erection of the new line. An undescribed Euphorbia sp. was found growing in the servitude which is awaiting description. Specimens of it and some others found in the survey area are housed in the herbarium.

I undertook the plant surveys for the CSIR Biosphere Concept funded by the Department of Environmental Affairs. All specimens collected for this survey and their identifications were done with the aid of the herbarium.

Information retrieval

The entire herbarium collection is computerized. Electronic information on herbarium specimens is availibile on request.

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