Herbarium Soutpansbergensis — Foundation


The collection number approximately 3000 specimens comprising:

  • Arborescent flora of the Soutpansberg, sighted as vouchers in the Tree List of the Soutpansberg (N. Hahn 1994).
  • Voucher specimens for a thesis on the Endemic Flora of the Soutpansberg (M.Sc. thesis in preparation, University of Na-tal, Pietermarizburg).
  • Comparative study on the arborescent flora of Soutpansberg in relation to: Maputaland, Mpumalanga Drakensberg, Waterberg, Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and Matopos.
  • Flora Zambesiaca Expedition, S. Venter, R. Archer & N. Hahn.
  • The succulents of the Soutpansberg.
  • Specimens of Ecological Surveys done by Pablo Weisser in Maputaland.

Other than the above, the herbarium also housed various type specimens namely:

  • Vangueria soutpansbergensis N. Hahn (1997)
  • Combretum vendae subspecific classification in manuscript N. Hahn & A. van Wyk.
  • Khadia media P. Winter & N. Hahn (1999)
  • Pavetta tshikondeni N. Hahn (1999)
  • Aloe sp. under investigation N. Hahn
  • Euphorbia sp. nov. under investigation N. Hahn & R. Archer
  • Rhoicissus sp. under investigation N. Hahn & E. Retief.


The herbarium is ordered according alphabetically.

Information retrieval

All collecting data is documented electronically. At present I use a HP 690 Jarnado palm top computer to document specimen data in the field. All locality data is recorded using a Garmin 2 plus GPS. With these facilities, it is possible to totally eliminate any data back-log, which usually occurs after a lengthy collecting trip. By these means I am able to give a full report on plants collected within a day of returning home.

All relevant data concerning the herbarium are kept in relational database based on Mi-crosoft Access 2000. This facility is regularly used to compile taxon lists for various projects that I am involved with. The pleasure of this system is that the information is not fixed.
Herbarium labels are compiled by exporting the relevant specimen data into a MS Word 2000 mail merge document. The reason for this is multiple. A database package does not support desktop publishing through its report generator with the result that labels gener-ated via it look displeasing. Secondly, where acronyms are used in the database, the words are written out in full.

Slide collection

The herbarium also houses a collection of approximately 2000 photographic slides taken mostly of:

1. Plants endemic to the Soutpansberg and there habitat
2. Succulents of the Soutpansberg

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