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Annex 1: Endemic Flora of the Soutpansberg Down load PDF version


Blepharis spinipes K. Vollesen Blepharis (Acanthaceae) A taxonomic revision: 130 (2000). Type: Vancollers Pass, 1990-6-25, Balkwill 5888 (K, holo.; J, iso.).

Justicia montis-salinarum A. Meeuse in Bothalia 7(2): 407 (1960). Type: Southern entrance of Sandrivierspoort, about 6,4 km north of main road bridge, Meeuse 10 213 (PRE, holo.!).


Rhus magalismontana Sond. subsp. coddii (R. & A. Fernandes) Moffett in Flora of southern Africa 19(3): 57 (1993). Type: Venda, near Sambondou, 40 km north east of Sibasa, alt. 580 m, 20-02-1952, L. E. Codd 6902 (PRE, holo.!).


Duvalia procumbens R. A. Dyer in Flowering Plants of South Africa 31: plate 1218 (1956). Type: Kruger National Park, Pafuri, ridge near Seekoegaat, 16-2-1955, van der Schiff 3618 (PRE, holo.!).

Huernia nouhuysii Verdoorn in Flowering Plants of South Africa 11: t. 412 (1931). Type: Wylie’s Poort, van Nouhuys s.n. PRE 8 757 (PRE, holo.?). Lectotype: Flowering Plants of South Africa 11: plate no. 412 (1931).

Huernia whitesloaneana Nel in Cactus and Succulent Journal of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America 8(1): 9 (1936). Type: Entabeni Forest Station, 1 370 m, June 1935, Nel s.n. (STE).

Orbeanthus conjunctus (White & Sloane) Leach in Excelsa Taxonomic Series no. 1: 73 (1978). Type: Mara, A. H. Crundall Comm. H. Herre; clonotype cult. PRE, A. H. Crundall (PRE).

Stapelia clavicorona Verdoorn in Flowering Plants of Southern Africa 11: plate 407 (1931). Type: Wylie’s Poort, Van Nouhuys s.n. PRE 8 756 (PRE!).

Tylophora coddii Bullock in Flowering Plants of Africa 36: plate 1435 (1964). Type: South end of Wylie’s Poort on dry rocky slopes at 1050 m, January 1954, L. E. Codd 8350 (PRE, holo.!; K, iso.).


Aloe angelica Pole Evans in Flowering Plants of South Africa 14: plate 554 (1934). Type: Wylie’s Poort, 16 June 1932, Pole Evans s.n. sub PRE 13040 (PRE, holo.!).

Aloe petrophila Pillans in South African Gardening & Country Life 23: 213 (1933). Type: Wylie’s Poort, rock-cliffs, flowered in cultivation May 1933, P. R. Frames (PRE !).

Aloe soutpansbergensis Verdoorn in Flowering Plants of Africa 35: plate 1391 (1962). Type: 56 km west of Louis Trichardt, 1942, A. H. Crundall s.n. in PRE 27035 (= PRE 29005) (PRE, holo.!).

Aloe vogtsii Reynolds in Journal of South African Botany 2: 11 (1936). Type: Farm Franzhoek [Clydesdale], 16 km north-east of Louis Trichardt, L.E. Vogts sub. Reynolds 1488 (PRE, holo.!).

Aloe vossii Reynolds in Journal of South African Botany 2: 65 (1936). Type: Farm Schyffontein, 8 km north of Louis Trichardt, fl. 12 February 1936, in Johannesburg, Reynolds 557 (PRE, holo.!).


Dicoma montana Schweickerdt in Kew Bulletin 1935: 207 (1935). Type: Blouberg, on the way to Malabogs Kraal, alt. 1524–1555 m, 9-05-1933, A. C. Leeman 69 (PRE!).

Zoutpansbergia caerulea Hutch. in a Botanist in southern Africa 350 (1946). Type: Crewe Farm, northern slopes of mountains, alt. 1585 m, 23 August 1930, Hutchinson & Gillett 4435 (K, holo.).


Combretum vendae Van Wyk in South African Journal of Botany 3(2): 125–134 (1984). Type: Venda, Vuvha, north-east of Tengwe, near the village Muledzhi, van Wyk 3913 (PRU, holo.!).


Ipomoea bisavium A. Meeuse in Bothalia (1958). Type: Soutpansberg, 3,2 km south of Wylie’s Poort, 02-04-1957, Meeuse 10181 (PRE, holo.!).


Kalanchoe crundallii Verdoorn in Flowering Plants of Africa 25: plate 967 (1946). Type: Lejuma (collected July 1938), (cultivated Pretoria fl. March 1943) Crundall in PRE 27157 (PRE, holo.!).


Euphorbia aeruginosa Schweik. in Kew Bulletin 1935: 205 (1935). Syntype: Farm Zoutpan, on rocky ledge behind homestead, November 1932, Obermeyer, Schweickerdt & Verdoorn 151 (PRE!) & April 1934, Schweickerdt & Verdoorn 688 (PRE!).

Euphorbia rowlandii R. A. Dyer in Bothalia 7(1): 28–29, t. 2 (p. 38) (1958). Type: Kruger National Park, Punda Maria, on sandstone ridges, 12,87-15, 29 km, Rowland Jones 48 (PRE, holo.!).

Euphorbia zoutpansbergensis R. A. Dyer in Flowering Plants of South Africa plate 18: 715 (1938). Type: On rocky slopes at the southern entrance of Wylie’s Poort, Dyer in PRE number 23393 (PRE, holo.!).


Rhynchosia vendae C. H. Stirton in Bothalia 14(1): 76 (1982). Type: Kruger National Park, Punda Maria, van der Schijff 3596 (PRE, holo.!).


Streptocarpus caeruleus Hillard & Burtt Streptocarpus, an African plant study 261 (1971) Type: Blouberg, cult. R. B. G. Edinburgh (collected, 1960, R. Story 6512), C. 3824 (E, holo.; NU! iso.)

Streptocarpus parviflorus Hook. f. subsp. soutpansbergensis Weigend & T. J. Edwards in Sendtnera 2: 369 (1994). Type: Waterpoort, 12 km from Mountain Inn to Bluegumspoort, Stirton 10572 (PRE, holo.).


Delosperma zoutpansbergense L. Bol. in the Journal of South African Botany 25: 372 (1959). Type: Summit of Clouds End, above Mountain Inn, 31 December 1958, flowered April, A.O.D. Mogg (NBG 2/59).

Khadia borealis L. Bol. in Notes on the Mesembryanthemum and allied Genera 3: 6 (1936). Type: Farm Lejuma, Crundall s.n. (BOL, lecto.) & farm Franzhoek, Vogts s.n. BOL 21638 (BOL, paralecto.).


Mystacidium brayboniae Summerh. in Kew Bulletin 1949: 442 (1949). Type: Near Louis Trichardt, 1350 m alt., November 1948, cult. K, Mrs. H. Braybon (K).


Ceratotheca saxicola E. A. Bruce in Bothalia 5(1): 233 (1951).Type: Kruger National Park, 51,5 km north-east of Punda Maria, alt. 304,8 m, in sandstone krantze overlooking the Luvuvhu River, May, Codd 5535 (PRE, holo.!).


Panicum dewinteri J. G. Ander. in Bothalia 9(2): 341 (1967). Type: Lejuma, near Louis Trichardt, 14-02-1967, B. de Winter 6006 (PRE, holo.!).


Pavetta tshikondeni N. Hahn in Bothalia 29(1): 109 (1999) Type: Makhuya Park, Worlds View, 22° 30’ 24,1" south and 31° 01’ 59,6" east, 300 m, 27-01-1997, N. Hahn 1367 (K, holo.!; PRE!, ZPB!, iso.).

Vangueria soutpansbergensis N. Hahn in Bothalia 27(1): 45 (1997). Type: Farm Studholme, 22° 56’ 52,4" south and 30° 01’ 18,8" east, 1440 m, 28-11-1995, (in flower), N. Hahn 1112 (PRU, holo.!; K, PRE, ZPB, iso.).


Encephalartos hirsutus P. J. Hurter South African Journal of Botany 62(1): 46-48 (1996) Type: Venda, 1000 m alt., 7 June 1994 (frond and male cone), P. J. H. Hurter 94R/1 (PRE, holo.!).

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