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A First Synthesis of the Environmental, Biological & Cultural Assets of the Soutpansberg — Study Area

Herbarium Soutpansbergensis — Study Srea
The Soutpansberg is the northernmost mountain range of South Africa. The Soutpansberg topographical zone lies between 23 05' S & 29 17' E and 22 25' S & 31 20' E. From east to west, the Soutpansberg spans approximately 210 km, and from north to south it is 60 km at its widest and 15 km at its narrowest. Its altitude ranges from 250 m above sea level to Hanglip 1719 m (second-highest peak) and Letjuma 1748 m (the highest peak) on the western half of the mountain. However, Letjuma is not the highest point in the area. About 40 km to the west of it lies another mountain range, the Blouberg, with a maximum altitude of 2050 m. The Blouberg belongs to the same geological system as the Soutpansberg, but they are referred to as separate geographical entities.

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