The "Hole from Hell"

Mostly unexplored, at least 120 m deep about 1,5 km long, approxomately 3 m wide, wondering about the surprises waiting

First expidition managed to reach the base of the upper portion of the "cleft", negotiated one waterfall and three steps, approximately 500 m in horisontal distance

Helsgat in all its glory

in the "Gat" no more than 3 m wide at its base

First major obstacle, a drop of 15 m, there are two options 1st crawling between the boulders and bat quano

2nd a short jump

Rhinolophis hildebigrandie our little shitting and pissing friend turning the narow passway between boulders to a slimy slippery hell, newer mind the possability of histoplasmosis
The short way, one more step of 7 m and we ran out of equipment
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