Dr. S.H. Foord

Comprehensive CV

Senior Lecturer (Department of Zoology, University of Venda)

Academic qualifications

BSc honours Zoology

MSc Zoology

PhD Zoology

Email: Stefan.foord@gmail.com

Tel: +27-15-9628492

Research programme

Dr. Stefan Foord’s research focuses mainly on arachnid systematics, ecology and conservation. He is author and co-author of eleven publications. He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Zoology, University of Venda, and a core research team member of the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (http://academic.sun.ac.za/cib/).

Departmental students currently under supervision

BSc Hons

  • A. Mboyi. Are we doing enough? An evaluation of the National Survey of Arachnida sampling protocol.
  • T.M. Ramantswana. Spiders along a north-south transect over the Soutpanberg mountain Limpopo Province – baseline data for a long-term ecological project.

MSc (Research)

  • M.M. Muelelwa. Spiders as biodiversity surrogates – a test of their utility in the savanna biome.

    M. Mafadza. Micro-scale heterogeneity of spiders in the Western Soutpansberg, a comparative survey and inventory in representative habitats.

Recent Publications


  • Foord, S.H. 2008. Cladistic analysis of the family Hersiliidae (Arachnida Araneae) of the Afrotropical Region with the first records of Murricia and the description of a new genus, Prima, from Madagascar. Journal of Afrotropical Zoology 4: 111-141.


  • Foord, S.H., Dippenaar-Schoeman, A.S. 2006. A species of Hersili Audouin Araneae: Hersiliidae). Zootaxa 1347: 1-92.


  • Dippenaar-Schoeman, A.S., Van den Berg, A.M., Van den Berg, M.A. Foord, S.H. 2005. Spiders in avocado orchards in the Mpumalanga Lowveld of South Africa: species diversity and abundance (Arachnida: Araneae) African Plant Protection 11: 8-16

  • Foord, S.H., Dippenaar-Schoeman, A.S. 2005. First records of the genus Neotama Baehr & Baehr Araneae Hersiliidae from the Afrotropical Region. African Invertebrates 45: 125-132.
  • Foord, S.H., Dippenaar-Schoeman, A.S. 2005. A revision of the Afrotropical species of Hersiliola Thorell and Tama Simon with description of a new genus Tyrotama Araneae Hersiliidae) African Entomology 13: 255-279.