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This site is intended as a portal to information pertaining to the Soutpansberg's natural history and its conservation. We hope your visit to this site will be an informative one. As the site is still in its design stages we hope everything will be smooth going. Contributions are welkomed!

Soutpansberg Specialists


Western Soutpansberg Conservancy

Private Game reserves & State Reserves

River Health and Water Quality


A Synthesis of the Soutpansberg's geology

Geology of the Soutpansberg (an introduction)

The Makgabeng plateau: the earliest fossil desert, and the earliest evidence for terrestrial life.


Synthesis of the Climate


A Synthisis of the Birds

A Synthisis of the Dragonflies

A Synthisis of the Fishes

A Synthisis of the Mammals

A Synthisis of the Reptiles

A Synthisis of the Spiders

Aloe angelica


A Synthisis of the Vegitation

A Synthisis of the Botanical Diversity

A Synthisis of the Endemic Flora

A Synthisis of the Orchidaceae

A Synthisis of the Medicinal Plants

The Soutpansberg Centre of Endemism and Biodivesity

Herbarium Soutpansbergensis

The Trees of the Soutpansberg

Brachystegia Home Page

Cultural Heritige

A Synthisis of the Archaeology

A Synthisis of the Arts Heritage

A Synthisis of the Living Culture and Creative Cultural Assets

A Synthisis of the Mission History

A Synthisis of the Rock Art

Historic Perspective

Mapungubwe World Heritige Site

Chronological list of the main stone age periods fond whin the Soutpansberg and their stone tools types



A Synthesis on Sociology: Human Component


Workshop on the Environmental, Biological and Cultural assets of the Soutpansberg



Herbarium Soutpansbergensis

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